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The Gentle Unload Solution

  • Chain & Paddle design is gentle on grain, for higher grain quality and higher grain prices at market

  • Specifically designed to fit existing frame design for fast, easy and cost-efficient retro-fits on 24-foot and 32-foot dryers

  • Engineered and manufactured using proven York conveyor experience for durable quality that will stand the test of time. The perfect solution for all grains…including specialty crops!

  • Innovative metering roll door design provides safe and easy access to quickly remove obstructions.
  • Grain does not flow unless metering rolls are rotating.
  • Roll door operates independently from drag conveyor, eliminating the need to empty
    dryer during maintenance

  • Cross drag feature enables extensions of up to 12-feet from the dryer centerline
  • NECO manufactured means rugged construction with whisper-quiet operation
  • Single motor drive. Optional variable frequency drive available